Friday, February 3, 2012

I can explain...

I failed miserably at getting videos or pictures.
In my defense we had a late start and registration. 

I'm working on a deal with my girls where we  get to the field early. 
This way we can do a mini session that I will tape before everyone arrives.

I'm going to the field this weekend to get this right. 
I will have full details of our session and all activities.

But we did have a great session. 
We did a fun warm up with the kid pretending to be soccer pirates and then 
Obstacle Course
Robin Hood
Treasure Island 
Go Score

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm so excited soccer starts today for the Tiny Tots.

My true love
I am determined to make this space a place where I can put my brain on paper, photo and video.

The Wild One!
 In another post I will tell you a little about myself.
I'm a little short on time so this is a little about me.
I am a soccer coach.
I've played for many years and under some of the greatest coaches of the game.
I love soccer and want to give young children a positive start to their athletic journeys. 

I don't have too many pictures of myself playing.  This is the best that I can do.
When I do have time to write the, About Me, part of this blog don't expect too much.
I'm not very comfortable talking about myself.
I think labels are over rated.
I would like for my post do the talking.

 Since I showed you pictures from my past I need to show you pictures of me today. 
This is the family.

This is me today and this is how you will find me...
With my family, laughing and playing, trying to find the joy in everyday.

I love to run and workout.
I love learning new things.
I sew and organic garden.
I try to learn something new everyday.
I am a regular mom with a lot of energy that drives my husband crazy. 

I have a lot of youth soccer ideas and I have a difficult time explaining.
I hope this will be the space where I can share and spread the fun and start a youth movement through soccer.
I want to be a part of a 
I hope you join me later to see how things go.